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Documents Contradict Gonzales’ Testimony (ABS News)

Watch Olbermann recap the situation (thx Crooks & Liars!)

It looks like even the Republicans are having a hard time backing up Gonzo. Of the “Gang of Eight” members of Congress that Gonzales repeatedly referred to during his testimony, the four Democratic members have said that his testimony contradicts what actually happened, and the four Republican members have yet to step forward to back his statements up.

From USAToday:

Three Democrats — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller and former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle — dispute Gonzales’ testimony. Rockefeller called it “untruthful,” and Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said the speaker disagreed that it should be continued without Justice Department or FISA court oversight.

On the other hand, former GOP House Intelligence Chairman Porter Goss, “does not recall anyone saying the project must be ended,’ spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise Dyck said. And former Senate Republican leader Bill Frist stopped short of confirming or denying the meeting’s outcome.

“I recall being briefed with the others about the program and it was stated that Gonzales would visit with Ashcroft in the hospital and that our meeting was part of the administration’s responsibility to discuss with the leadership of Congress,’ Frist said in a statement.

Even the main-stream media is making a stink of this by actually reporting on it. Meanwhile, the WSJ appears to want to appease their soon-to-be FOX masters with this editorial.

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